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zager guitars July 9, 2010

Zager Zad-50 CE

Zager Guitar ReviewFeatures : 9
The finish is very glossy, which looks nice, but would not be my first choice. The built in tuner is a nice addition. The case as well does a very nice job of cradeling the guitar. They threw in an eztra set of Martin string which was a nice touch. The pickup is an active model, which uses a 9 volt.

Sound : 10
Normally I don’t do testamonials on the things I buy, but I had to let everyone know about zager guitar, so here it goes.

I play everything from country, to 80’s rock, to playing in my church. I have a fender stage 100, a Peavey transformer 112 and I plug into the PA when available. zager guitar has a full bright sound typical of a spruce top. It has a great smooth sound that depending on how hard you play can get very full and bright. It sounds absolutely great throught my Fender amp, along with the sound board at church. I do use a zoom acoustic pedal, more often than not.

Action, Fit, & Finish : 10
The action on zager guitar is unmatched, for the price. The action would be comparable to that of a $2000 Taylor, which is what I was going to buy. Plugged in this guitar sounds amazing. I have looked zager guitar over very well and can’t find any flaws in it at all. Dennis Zager looks these over before he sends them out, and must do a good job, because I can’t find so much as a slight blem. The string science that Dennis uses works great, I was definelty a little worried because I have rather large fingers, and have no problem at all. Barre chords on this guitar are a breeze.

Reliability/Durability : 9
I can’t tell you how this guitar will hold up, I have not had it that long. I am just going on what I have had in the past and it is very well made. The finish is great, and all the hardware is top notch. I would not go on a gig without a backup, so I can’t give that question an honest answer. I give it a 9, based on lack of knowledge on this category.

Customer Support : 10
The customer service I recieved from this company is top notch. It is refreshing to see that there are still people who do business the old fasion way, by putting customer service first. I needed the guitar by a certain date and they did what it took to get it to me on time. They always answered my e-mails within about 4 hours, and answered all of my questions.

Overall Rating : 10
I have been playing for about 10 years now and have owned a lot of guitars. I have currently a martin d-50 which I am now selling, because I like this guitar better. A G&L electric and Ibanez acoustic electric and a few other priceless keepsakes. I wish that this guitar had a front strap peg on it, but I will have someone else install that. This guitar compares with thousand dollar guitars. With a money back guarentee, how can you go wrong, that was a selling point for me, and boy am I glad I did.


Google Gives its Search Results Pages the Bing Look May 9, 2010

Google has given its main web product, web search a much needed redesign. And while this is a welcome development since it’s been quite awhile since Google has done this to its major service which happens to be the company’s bread and butter, the new look of the search results pages will kind of remind you of Bing though. It’s actually a simpler kind of Bing’s search results pages.Anyway, putting aside its similarities to Bing’s search results pages, Google’s redesigned search results pages now features a contextually relevant, left-hand navigation which highlights Google’s search verticals including – news, blogs, images, books and more. The new side panel is powered by Google’s search technologies – Universal Search, Search Options Panel and Google Squared.

What’s good about the contents of the left-hand panel is that it is dynamic and changes depending on the type of your search. Through Universal Search technology, the items on the left-hand panel changes and suggests the most relevant genres of results for your query. And you can switch seamlessly to these different types of results. It could also suggest different views on how you want your search results to be displayed or even display the search results together with other related topics.

In addition to the said enhancements to the search results interface, Google has also tweaked the color palette as well as the Google logo – giving the search results pages a modern and still simple look and feel.

The redesigned Google search interface is being rolled out globally today, although I haven’t seen it when I tried visiting Google Search. Have you seen the changes already? How do you like the new design and navigation of the Google Search Results Pages?


Windows 7 SP1 means end of XP downgrade rights

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Microsoft’s work on SP1 means ‘clock is ticking’ on demise of rights, says analyst
by Gregg Keizer

The clock is ticking on the demise of some downgrade rights for Windows 7, an analyst said Thursday.

Last year, Microsoft said that customers could downgrade new machines purchased with Windows 7 Professional to the older Windows XP Professional for a limited period. The deal ends 18 months after the introduction of Windows 7 — in other words, in late April 2011 — or when Microsoft launches Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), whichever comes first.

Nearly two months ago, Microsoft acknowledged it’s working on Windows 7 SP1 . It has not yet set a release timetable, however.

“So the clock is ticking down on that offer, after which time the only option for non-Software Assurance customers to deploy Windows XP is to use Windows XP Mode,” said Al Gillen, an analyst with IDC, referring to Windows 7 Professional’s built-in virtualized version of Windows XP.

Corporations that subscribe to Software Assurance (SA) — MIcrosoft’s annuity-like upgrade guarantee program — or purchase Windows through volume licensing plans have downgrade rights from any edition, including Windows 7, to any previous version going as far back as Windows 95.

Calling SP1 an “important milestone for customers” because of the impending end of downgrade-to-XP rights, Gillen noted that the service pack will have relatively little impact on enterprise plans to deploy the new operating system.

“Historically, classic customer deployment behavior for new Windows client operating systems was to wait for the first service pack to arrive,” Gillen said in a research note published yesterday.

That’s no longer the case, he said, echoing opinions expressed earlier by other analysts, including Michael Cherry of Directions on Microsoft and Diane Hagglund of Dimensional Research.

“The Windows patching process … has changed the rules of the game for many customers,” Gillen argued. “The continuous stream of patches, over time, delivers a significant portion of service pack content.”

Recent surveys conducted by IDC with IT professionals and end users showed that budget limitations and application compatibility were the biggest concerns about migrating to Windows 7, not the lack of a service pack.

Although Microsoft originally wanted to limit Windows 7-to-Windows XP downgrade rights to just six months after the release of the former, it quickly backtracked last June after another analyst, Michael Silver of Gartner Research, called the plan a “real mess.” Instead, said Microsoft, it would allow downgrades to Windows XP until 18 months went by, or until it released Windows 7 SP1.


Samsung releases Bada SDK

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The phone giant hopes to attract developers to its application platform
by Nancy Gohring

Time will tell if Samsung can attract developers to its own smartphone operating system now that it has released the beta of its Bada software development kit.

Bada is a software platform that Samsung announced last year that will allow developers to build applications for phones running Samsung’s proprietary operating system.

The SDK, posted Thursday to the Bada developer Web site, includes an integrated development environment, simulator, user interface builder, sample applications, documentation and tutorials. The IDE is based on Eclipse CDT and the UI framework supports Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.

Some people, including Ken Hyers, an analyst at Technology Business Research, groaned at the initial announcement about Bada. “My reaction then was, oh Christ, another OS, another app store,” he said on Friday.

On second thought, however, he said it makes sense for Samsung to have its own application development environment. Samsung is the second biggest handset vendor in the world and is now the largest in North America. Hyers expects that one-third of Samsung’s smartphone handset models this year will support Bada. Developers are typically drawn to platforms that have the most end users.

Apple remains the clear leader in attracting developers to its application store, the largest in the mobile market. But beyond Apple, it’s clear that the number of users on a platform attracts developers. Palm, which had a very small market share when it launched its new WebOS, demonstrated just how important market share is, Hyers noted. After struggling due to slow sales, Hewlett-Packard recently announced plans to buy Palm.

The first phones running Bada are expected to hit the market in June.


Future of PHP 6

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Future of PHP 6

Yesterday was a quite thrilling day for the PHP development team and led to some imprecise news articles so let’s take a look at what happened: Over the last months many of the core contributors agreed that the current approach to bring Unicode into PHP’s engine wasn’t the right approach and a good thing would be to rethink it from the start. By a provocative move of one contributor the stalled situation got some more movement and Rasmus declared the current implementation to be discontinued to restart.

The past

When the foundation of what should have become PHP 6 was created a decision was made to use UTF-16 as internal encoding for “everything” inside the engine. The choice for UTF-16 was made due to the fact that PHP 6 would use the ICU library which is focused on offering UTF-16 string functions. By using UTF-16 as default encoding we’d have to convert the script code and all data passed from or to the script (request data, database results, output, …) from another encoding, usually UTF-8, to UTF-16 or back. The need for conversion doesn’t only require CPU time and more memory (a UTF-16 string takes double memory of a UTF-8 string in many cases) but makes the implementation rather complex as we always have to figure out which encoding was the right one for a given situation. From the userspace point of view the implementation brought some backwards compatibility breaks which would require manual review of the code. These all are pains for a very small gain for many users where many would be happy about a tighter integration of some mbstring-like functionality. This all led to a situation for many contributors not willing to use “trunk” as their main development tree but either develop using the stable 5.2/5.3 trees or refuse to do development at all.

The present
Yesterday the stagnation created by the situation has been resolved and it was decided that our trunk in svn will be based on 5.3 and we’ll merge features from the old trunk and new features there so that 5.3 will be a true stable branch. The EOL for 5.2 has not yet been defined but I suggest you to really migrate over to 5.3, which usually can be done with very little work, as soon as possible.

The future
Right now we’re starting different discussions to see what kind of Unicode support we really want. Many contributors react positive on a proposed “string class” which wraps string operations in Unicode and binary forms without going deep in the engine. In my opinion such an approach might also be a way to solve some of the often criticized inconsistencies in PHP’s string APIs without the need to break old code. (new code uses the new class, old code the old functions) But that idea is far from a proper proposal or even the implementation, current status is about refocusing the development and get the requirement and design discussions going. By that it’s a bit early to decide whether the next version of PHP will be called PHP 5.4, PHP 6 or maybe even PHP 7.


Our New Link Directory February 11, 2010

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We added our new directory for link exchange, You can add you website link there free as well as Premium.
We will approve premium Links immediately after review.

We have plan to make several new directories in the future.

Directory Link


PHP-Mysql February 5, 2010

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We are currently working in PHP-Mysql . We have professionals of Joomla,Cake Php, Zencart, Oscommerce, Flash action script and Drupal also.