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Zager Guitars review July 9, 2010

Product: Zager ZAD 50
Submitted by George
Email: gfmcqueen<at>hotmail dot com
Features: 10
1. Made in 2010 and set up by Denny Zager in February.
2. Made in same place Martin Sigma Guitars are manufactured but to
Zager specifications.
3. Full size Dreadnought Acoustic with frets 14/20
4. Solid Spruce top, Magohany back and sides, rosewood fret board,
rosewood bridge, scaloped X-bracing, Sunburst pattern with gloss
finish, tortoise pick guard
5. Sealed Grover chrome tuners
6. Thin neck with reduced dimension front to back
7. Case is not supplied. Truss rod wrench supplied, An extra set of
strings is provided along with two picks and maintenance
information on their website.
Sound: 10
Being an acoustic, the sound is great for the folk, gospel, country music our group plays.
I have a much more expensive Crafters of Tennessee guitar. The sound of the zager ZAD-50 is very comparable. The Crafters is a bit mellower, but it has maple wood in it. The sound is bright and clear. I have no dislikes for the guitar.

Action, Fit, & Finish: 10
The guitar was set up superb. it has hand filed frets and a custom carved nut and saddle. There was no buzzing of frets, and the action was low for ease of playing. The finish was without any flaws.

Reliability/Durability: 10
Right out of the box, I used an intellitouch PT-2 tuner to tune. Tuning was easy, and the same evening, we played it for nearly three hours without any loss of tune other than one arrow on the tuner scale on a a couple of strings. The guitar stays in tune remarkably well. It stays in tune as well or better than the more expensive guitar I have. The hardware all appears solid….Sealed Grover tuners are present. One strap button is present, but I doubt I will put one at the neck. Finish appears to be very well done and capable of holding up. I see no reason why this will not be dependable, and it does have a lifetime guarantee. Two of my friends, who have played for 15+ years, played it and they said it had incredible sound for the price.

Customer Support: 10
Honestly, I could not have walked in a store and gathered more information than what is on their website. Also, questions were answered via E-mail within hours. Answers are given in a very friendly manner. In addition, a toll free number is provided. Warranty is lifetime.

Overall Rating: 10
I have only been playing since early January, however I have been able to progress well. I can play most regular full chords (no full bars yet), and I can keep up with the group, (on most runs) I have started meeting with. I won’t pretend I hit every chord at exactly the right time, but I got more complements when I brought the zager ZAD-50 than ever. My fingers did not throb after almost three hours of the last session. I have a Crafters of Tennessee sunburst pattern guitar for which I paid $1100 used (retails over $1900), and the sound is comparable…the Crafters is a bit more mellow, but for the price neither I nor my friends found much difference. I love the low action and ease of playability. I tried a similar priced (local store) guitar and there was no comparison…high action with tiny sound, and it killed my fingers. I chose this guitar after reading, reading and more reading at the Zager guitars website and other areas where testimonials were given. I also asked some questions which were answered quickly. There is also a large FAQ area in the website.

If this guitar were lost or stolen, I would definitely buy it back.

The main reason I wanted a second guitar is because I am moving, and I needed another to keep in the area where the group meets and the other will be kept at home. I cannot take one to work and leave it in the car like I do golf clubs. Speaking of Golf clubs, since I am a beginner at guitar, I can use them to relate. I am a scratch golfer at age 52. Golf clubs come in all price ranges and some are easier to hit and some are definitely better after they have been custom fitted. Still, no matter how well the club is made or how expensive it is, you still have to make the swing to make it work. This guitar has been set up by someone who is a performer (Denny Zager) and who knows how to set it up. I can definitely say this guitar is easier to play for me than my Crafters and a couple of Martins that my friends have. The Martins have more richness in the tone, but they are $3000. The guys playing them have years of experience. They were impressed with the ZAD-50 and even more so when I told them the price.

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  1. Gaines Says:

    “I cannot take one to work and leave it in the car like I do golf clubs. ” why not? should be have a idea can be true.

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